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Monogram Style gold & silver MDW logo for Marcus D Wiley


Hustle & Faith

Image of Marcus D Wiley's Book Hustle & Faith. The cover is red and Black with a high Typography Ampersand made out of the words Hustle & Faith.

Hustle & Faith is a twenty-first century, urban vernacular biography of what God did for me, when I decided to do something for myself.


Wiley World Media Drive


image of a MDW Media Drive modeled to show what it can look like. Drive is blue and black and has a white monogram MDW logo on it

This drive contains over 16 digital copies of Marcus D Wiley’s Specials including Easy Like Sunday Morning, The Devil aint the Only One Busy If the Church Shoe Fits. The actual media drive may look different from the image displayed but will contain all these stand up specials and more!